About Jimmy

Hi, I’m Jimmy Navarro. I came from Maracaibo, Venezuela in 2000.  I was already a Graphic Designer with a long experience in illustration, printing, signs, advertising, newspapers and teaching.

I am a self-taught artist and continue to hone my skills almost daily.
I’m also a multi-instrumentalist artist, musician, singer, composer, I’m always composing new songs, being in rehearsal or recording. I’m also play in Sunday Services at Alpha & Omega church in Miami.
I’m very passionate about Social Media and SEO web marketing.
I’m always doing photography, cartoons, illustrations and artistic paintings plus I have time to love my daughter Daniela and my wife Lissette (and taking pictures o them, of course).

As a christian person, I believed in Jesus, and I am convinced that we are part of God’s plan. I don’t believe in casualty, neither tricks, nor violence.
Thanks for your time to read about me.
Jimmy Navarro