This disclaimer applies to all web services and specials

Our company mainly provides digital products,is  the nature of our business, it is impossible for us to return money, when you approve a budget and make your payment, we invest in digital material non-refundable.
All outsourced services in the web to produce YOUR PROJECT (designer’s time, servers, domains, themes, apps, developers, etc) are based on contracts or downloads, for these reasons these companies do not return any amount of money invested.

Cancellation Policy:

The nature of our work describe as a web design, corporate image, SEO, or any digital service we offer on www.jimmynavarro.com • www.aurapixel.com is such we describe it on every section, we ask for a meeting (in person or via Skype, GotoMeeting) prior any project commencement.

Cancellation must be made on email (info@aurapixel.com) 1 week prior to webpage launch or any final digital delivery.


50% in front to start project • No refunds will be issued after start any project. (administration and project’s progress fee)

Final 50% for a digital delivery or webpage launch • No refunds (administration and project’s progress fee)

In case of a payment of 100% in front, a review of project progress will be needed, based on prices of services offered on our website.



We offer financing for projects over $ 499. For services for less than $499 must be paid in full at the start.

Webpages DEMO

Web pages and projects will be released and develops in sites “DEMO”(Aurapixel.com domain ownership), NOT at final domains.
Upon approval must be canceled last 50% (if applicable) before launching any project. No exceptions, Deposit proof required.

In web projects we asked for 100% writing (content) of material project and promotion, the customer is required. • Project on-hold for more than 4 weeks, will be subject to review and delete DEMO sites.

Jimmy Navarro, or any representative of Aurapixel.com not responsible for any kind of educational services such as Social Media, Promotion, Eblast, WordPress, Joomla, Photoshop, Illustrator, SEO, campaigns, etc; after or during any project. Material support can be provided if required.