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Blessed Christmas and Great 2013

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Thanks for a great 2012 Turn ON your Web presence on 2013! Thank you very much… …for letting me be a part in the creation, planning and promoting of your businesses, projects and dreams. In 2013 the Web will grow to unimaginable levels, and Social Media will be the way to go, beating like never before, older promotional media like, print, tv, radio, etc.   For more INFORMATION Call us Read More

What do I need to start a website?

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What type of information? Typically web pages are informative, to get to know you on the web, regular pages only show details as About us: here is it that people are in the company when the company opened its doors, what kind of experience in the field have often a letter from the manager or owner, will do the trick. Services: a simple mention of each of the services or activities Read More

SEO Services Doral Fl

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All areas of the country has its different characteristics, its people, its roots, its needs and ways of looking at life, particularly in South Florida this phenomenon is most obvious. Particularly the public Latin and Venezuelans, Colombians, Argentines and Cubans see and act in a special way of doing business, buying items, etc. Providing SEO services for the very new city of Doral in Miami, is no exception, its proximity Read More

Browsers, friend or foe?

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Whymy webpage looks so bad in another computer?   The eternal question for every web designer is, “why my webpage doesn’t looks good on my house?” “why is it looks too green?” or worse, “why looks all funny and uneven?” maybe, for you is simple to answer, but for the rest of humanity : web users is not that simple or logical. A little bit of basic geek info… Ok but First, what Read More

Mac won’t start

I cannot start my Apple Mac Laptop, I’m just getting gray screen…! I know this is an old Tech step, but this time it helps me… Hold the power button until the Mac powers down. I would try to restart in Single User Mode and run fsck on the drive. OK, STEP BY STEP… Restart with the cmd-s keys held down, until you see a black screen with white characters. Read More